What we do?

We are a consulting and technology partner. We provide integrated solutions in the area of sales and marketing to support decisions, optimize business processes and their automation
150+ people in the team, including 90+ IT experts
2 central offices in Warsaw and London, 44 customer brands in the CEE region


More than 30 projects in 13 countries in various industries. We are able to fully adapt to local / regional needs and the specificity of the business environment.


Average results achieved in implementations:

increased profitability of the optimized area


increased value of sales in the optimized segment


reduced time cost of automated processes


shorter time-to-market in an automated process

Customer feedback

Effiana Technology

Business transformation is supported by original software. We are stands out by flexibility and possibility of full integration with the client's IT ecosystem, no matter how complex the architecture is. Integration with, inter alia:


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Find out how we optimize processes, automate them and integrate data without disrupting business continuity.

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Our offices


Okopowa 33/26, 01-059 Warszawa, Poland


30 Churchill Place (Canary Wharf), London, England


Piłsudskiego 17/4, 35-074 Rzeszów, Poland