Increase the efficiency of your marketing budget by 15%-30%.

Multichannel Marketing Management System

System automates marketing processes: planning, approval and reporting.
It saves 40%-60% of the teams's time. Integrates data on results and costs.
Increases the efficiency of the marketing budget by 15%-30%.

Effiana supports success
and everyday work of marketers in 12 countries.

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Keeping unified activities on all 7 European markets is very important for AmRest brands.   I just cannot imagine it without Brand Oriented.

Karolina Kobiela

Senior New Media Manager CE

AmRest / Starbucks, KFC, PizzaHut


Daily approvals and control process in 4 countries, have become ordered, seamless and extremely effective. Not to mention time savings.

Joanna Bychawska

Digital Marketing manager CEE

Triumph International


All communication channels integrated in one view allow for a better management of the planning, approval and  activities reporting process.

Patrycja Pieróg

Public Relations Expert

Asahi Group / Kompania Piwowarska


The implementation required less than 4 hours our team time. Three meetings altogether and BO team came back with a system perfectly fit to ourselves.

Grzegorz Pęk

Digital Media Manager


Instead of emails and attachments... handy panel.

See how Effiana takes care
of your budget, team and results:

Everything under control

Manage all ATL, BTL, PR and social media activities in one view.

One glance at the dashboard ensures that everything is under control: Schedules, creations, results and budgets.


Stronger team

The whole team have access to up-to-date plans and materials.

The system alone sources data from team members and Agencies and keeps it updated. It streamlines internal and external communication.

Better decisions

Take better decisions driven by key data fed into your dashboard.

The System integrates outcomes of multichannel campaigns, juxtaposes with objectives and budgets. Then, displays them in the form of transparent reports.


Time savings

Speed up approval process and cut Time-to-Market by 50%.

The System automates the entire approval process. People take decisions and the System takes care of the rest: communication, workflow and deadlines

Strategic controls

Rest assured that your whole budget properly supports your brand.

The System controls consistency of your acts against your strategy and brand image, measures KPI’s support the whole team in the execution.


ROI you will love

Expect certainty. Quick implementation and 6 months return on your investment.

The pricing model has been designed so that the implementation costs pay back in 6 months. It is the best result on the market.

Witness Effiana in action!
See how it takes care of your budget, team and results!

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